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Millwork & Upholstery 

At Heirloom Design Group, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and innovation. Specializing in commercial architectural millwork and upholstery, we offer exceptional services to render large-scale pieces for corporations, working alongside architects and contractors. Our processes include:

  • Estimating 
  • Drafting & CAD Software 
  • Project Management 
  • Manufacture 
  • Installation

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custom built wood cabinets for corporate break room

custom commercial woodworking

Woodworking Services

From initial project conceptualization and design, through estimation, AutoCAD shop drawings, fabrication, and finishing to final delivery and installation, we maintain meticulous control at every stage. This unwavering control is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Clients, be they contractors, owners, or designers, are welcome to visit our facility at any time to monitor the progress of their projects, an interaction we actively encourage. Upon reviewing your plans and specifications, we are poised to present a detailed proposal encompassing the fabrication, finishing, and installation of all custom wood, wood veneer, plastic laminate millwork, moldings, casework, and finish carpentry required for your project. 

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